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6/10 High Art Tour at International Art Museum of America

Come view the art world through the lens of cannabis. Tickets on sale here!

We invite you to a curated cannabis experience where art history expert Angela Van Den Eeden will guide us through shifts in perspective to enlighten our understanding of various exhibits. We’ll discuss common art concepts and principles, and especially how cannabis enhances our interactive interpretations throughout the tour.
One of our San Francisco's premier cannabis dispensaries, will provide gift bags valued at $100. Tickets are limited for this exclusive event.
What to expect:

A brief screening to confirm your medical marijuana card status*
An educational, inspirational tour that creates a legacy for high standards in cannabis events
A 10-minute intermission with option to vape and ask the art tour guide questions
Additional time to roam the museum after 4:30pm
A 5-minute post-tour electronic survey


Civic Center is the nearest BART station, and parking takes an average of 25 minutes. Please arrive early so that you may receive your Token Swag Bags and meet our sponsors who create them!

Get your tickets here!

Please contact Token Events at 415-868-5396 if you have any questions or concerns.