California legislation has differed county-by-county since Prop 64 passed to legalize recreational marijuana. Cannabis and event industry professionals alike seek sources of information, education and planning that is essential to participate in this industry.

Token Events is a San Francisco-based cannabis concierge company that brings these sources to you. We offer a variety of industry networking, marketing opportunities and continuing education to keep communities well-informed as trends and trims bloom.

Token Events was born from the idea that any event incorporating cannabis should take place in compliance with the law, and there's a need to lead by example with legal guidance and enforce industry standards.

We take pride in connecting local businesses and products with community events with respect to current marijuana laws. We hold a high standard for industry education for all cannabis businesses.

Token Events promotes the normalization of recreational cannabis consumption; however, consumption of cannabis at our events is not mandatory.

Through the end of 2017, all Token Events guests had to provide a valid medical marijuana recommendation in the state of California for our partner dispensaries to confirm by database. All you need now is an ID to prove your age: 21+. Our preferred cannabis vendors provide concise educationally empowering introductions to kickstart our events. Feel free to inquire about our partner vendors.

Token Events does not handle cannabis transactions. We connect our guests with our licensed California partner vendors to legally distribute cannabis products at our curated (and customizable) events.